Anthony Gordon
Filmmaker - Storyteller

If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room.
— Jim Whittaker, First American to Summit Mount Everest
Everyone smiles in the water.
— Anthony Gordon

Anthony Gordon

The man behind the camera behind the stories.

Anthony “Gordo” Gordon, is an internationally acclaimed filmmaker and documentarian with over two decades of professional experience in producing and filming everything from the world's first Sherpa Rescue Team on Mount Everest, to Ultra Long Distance Cycling, to the exploration of the ocean by new SCUBA divers.

With a passion for storytelling and a keen eye for capturing the essence of human experiences, Gordo has made a significant impact on the world of documentary film making.

Anthony Gordon was born and raised in Australia and discovered his passions for exploration and adventure at an early age. As soon as he was able to learn how to load film into a camera, he was honing his craft to capture those adventures on film and then share those images, and the stories behind them, with anyone who would listen.

With Gordo's thirst for adventure, and his innate ability to not just survive, but to thrive under conditions which would send most other film makers running for the nearest Country Comfort Inn, he rapidly found himself drawn to explore, document and share the exploits of athletes who were testing the very limits of human endurance and willpower.

But it is almost impossible to maintain the separation between the person behind the camera and the adventure they are documenting.

Especially when the person filming the action must make their own gruelling way into the deepest jungles, to the tallest waterfalls, across scorching deserts, or even to the top of the world to get that shot.

All whilst carrying not just the equipment they need to survive those extremes, but also to be able to record the audio and video to bring that story back to people in the comfort of their own homes.

Gordo was instrumental in the establishment of the World's First Sherpa Rescue Team on Mount Everest. This team, who Gordo trained in remote first aid and casualty management skills, were able to rescue climbers from the notorious Death Zone.

An area at such high altitude that many climbers experiencing difficulties there are abandoned by their companions, left to freeze in the cold loneliness of the highest place on Earth.

The Sherpa Rescue Team rescued 52 climbers during the climbing season of 2016. Climbers who, without the hard work of Gordo and the Sherpa Team led by Mingma David Sherpa would have become a permanent part of the mountain.

After having seen humans pushed to their extremes, physically, mentally, and emotionally, for so many years, Gordo realised that the true challenge was exploring humanity by looking inside, rather than searching outside.

He established Aliquam in 2022. In creating Aliquam, Gordo found the serenity and peace of finding yourself through returning to the ocean.

And, as he always must, Gordo was driven to share this discovery with others, producing a string of further instalments of Aliquam introducing the next generation to the meditative and rejuvenate properties of the water.